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Boman Kemp

Window System
Complet Boman Kemp Basement Window System
Complet Boman Kemp Basement Window system with a stone well

The Boman Kemp Window System is the premiere solution for taking the basement to a whole new level.  The complete system includes the Easy-Buck, Easy-Well, Double Insulated Vinyl Window, Safety Grate, Lexan Cover, and Escape Ladder.

Easy Well
Boman Kemp Stacked Stone Easy Window Well
Boman Kemp White Easy Window Well
Easy Well Stacked Stone 

The Boman Kemp Easy-Well (or basement window well) is used to keep earth away from basement windows. It is designed to bolt directly to the Boman Kemp Easy-Buck or can be bolted to the wall during basement remodeling. We have this in either white or a stacked stone and any size you may need.

Easy Buck
Boman Kemp Easy Window Buck
Boman Kemp Easy Window Buck

The Boman Kemp Easy Buck comes pre-manufactured for easy installation using wood or aluminum forms. Exclusive fasteners are built in making adding an Easy Well a snap. The Easy Buck comes in many sizes for virtually any application

Boman Kemp Vinyl Window
Boman Kemp Vinyl Window

The Boman Kemp double insulated vinyl window comes equipped with a sliding sash, screen, and is lockable from the inside. It is available in white and almond color and is also orderable in both Low E and tempered glass

Safety Grates
Boman Kemp safety grate
Boman Kemp safety grate

The Boman Kemp safety grate is made of rolled angle iron steel and steel safety bars. It is designed to keep people and pets out of the Easy-Well and hold the weight of standard foot traffic.

Boman Kemp safety ladder

The Boman Kemp safety ladder is designed to assist people in an emergency escape or egress. The safety ladder hangs in the back of the Easy-Well and is required in area wells that are deeper than 44” per IRC 2003.

Plastic Cover
 Boman Kemp plastic grate cover

The Boman Kemp plastic grate cover is made of a polycarbonate plastic and is designed to be used along with the safety grate. It is used to keep debris, animals, and excess water out of the Easy-Well.

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